Bobby Reyes


Archive is a mobile app concept where people can document and share their adventures with others. It is a place where adventure, writing, and photography collide. 

Project Duties: Personas, User-Flows, Wireframes, UI Design, Prototype

Project Duties: Personas, User-Flows, Wireframes, UI Design, Prototype

I decided to design Archive because as a photographer I often get asked a lot of questions about the places I visit.  The ability to find locations and share them with friends is feature I hear from many photographers on many social platforms. One feature that I wanted to highlight in this design was having the capability to save a location on the spot and save for future references. 


To create the mobile experience for Archive it was important for me to understand the pain points of potential users as well as researching the competitors in the market. With that information, I created personas to help frame the goals the users will achieve in the mobile app.  



When the user tasks were defined and after sketching multiple wireframes I then began to develop more hi-fidelity wireframes in Sketch. These wireframes helped determine the content requirements, the screen layout, the navigation between screens, and the app functionality.

Once the navigation and layout was determined in the wireframes, I jumped into designing the user interface. After finishing the main screens I proceeded to show how the screens interacted with one another in a prototype. Using Marvel App I highlighted the interactions featured in the app and provided a glimpse into the functionality of the most prominent tasks and features. 

You can check out the working prototype here.