Bobby Reyes


CrashPad is a mobile app concept where people can search and book hostels. It is an app that caters to people that like to save when traveling.

Project Duties: Personas, User-flows, Wireframes, UI Design, Prototype

Project Duties: Personas, User-flows, Wireframes, UI Design, Prototype

The concept for CrashPad came about because of the discussions I've had with friends who stay at hostels. One issue that came up a lot was having troubling finding hostels in a quick and easy manner. So I then decided to design my own concept for a hostel booking app. I chose to focus on the search and booking of a hostel as the two key features in the app.


To create the mobile experience for CrashPad it was important for me to understand potential users and see if there were any competitors in the market. After gathering some information on competitors I then proceeded to create user personas that I would then target. This information helped me to define a user flow to showcase how users would search and book a hostel through CrashPad.



After defining user tasks and sketching multiple wireframes I then began to develop something a little more in detail. Keeping in mind the personas that were designed for, I created user journeys to detail the exact steps the user goes through when interacting with the app. 


With the use of Marvel App I was able to create a working prototype that displayed the search and booking functionality. If you would like to see the prototype you can check it out here.