Bobby Reyes

Pedals and Things

Pedals and Things is an online shop that specializes in boutique guitar effects pedals. It is a shop for people that are obsessed with their tone and have an unhealthy addiction to pedals. 


Logo & Branding

Pedals and Things is all about finding the ultimate tone and finding the best pedals for their rig. The shop was in need of a logo and illustrations to stand out from other sellers on Reverb. The easy route would have been to incorporate some sort of effects pedal in the logo. After all with a name like Pedals & Things that is something you would expect. But the shop wanted something unique for their logo and accompined illustrations.


The shop mostly sells boutique effects pedals but on occasions there are listings for guitars and amps. So in really thinking what stands out about effects pedals it came down to two things, tone and artwork. The pedals sold in the store have some of the most interesting pieces of art on the pedal cases. That's when I knew that a character and some popular pedals would do the trick for the illustrations. 


Logo Process

Many ideas were created for the logo and ultimately because boutique pedals are made by hand it only made sense the logo would project that too. Below are some of the logo ideas and concepts that were tried before a design was finalized.